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5th Global Forum on Innovation & Technology Entrepreneurship

“Innovation for Socio-Economic Development’’ May 28-30 May, 2013 in East London, South Africa

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(26 May)

Training Weekend

Parallel training sessions for incubator managers and side meetings for for mLab, Climate and Agribusiness Innovation center stakeholders, including:

  • Full day peer-to-peer session on sustainable mLabs financing models, company valuation/ M&E, and emerging trends.

(27 May)

Training Weekend

Parallel training sessions for incubator managers and side meetings for for mLab, Climate and Agribusiness Innovation center stakeholders, including:

  • Internationalization bootcamp for entrepreneurs
  • Nokia-sponsored Windows Phone 8 training for developers
  • General incubator manager training

Day 1 - Tuesday May 28
Core Program

09:00 - 10:00 AM

Opening Plenary: Technology Entrepreneurs Fuel Development
The World Bank and South Africa deliver keynotes that set the stage for the Global Forum.

- Mr. Derek Hanekom, Minister for Science & Technology, South Africa
- Mr. Janamitra Devan, Vice President for Finance and Private Sector Development, World Bank
- Ms. Noxolo Kiviet, Premier, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

Opening Plenary Session Two: Technology Entrepreneurs Fuel Development

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Where is the next African high growth entrepreneur?
Three inspirational keynotes on making the journey from mind to market in Africa, followed by a moderated dialogue on how to find and groom transformative high-growth enterprises.

- Mr. Andile Ngcaba, Founder Convergence Partners -
- Toni Maraviglia, Eneza Education -
- Mr. Ibrahima Wade, Permanent Secretary of the Accelerated Growth Strategy (SCA), Senegal

12:00 PM - 2:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Meet and Greet
(networking meetings for participants and visits to the SME Fair)
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM infoDev Donors and Partners Roundtable (closed door meeting)
Accelerator track for entrepreneurs
4:30 PM

Dragon’s Den for high-potential entrepreneurs to meet mentors, investors and angels
Bringing together promising entrepreneurs from Africa and other developing regions in a competition setting.

Download Presentations

- Amant Antenna -
- Angaza Design -
- Asly -
- Centsless -
- Eneza Education -
- Farmerline -
- Gonna -
- Greengar -
  Networking Cocktail and Welcome Dinner

Day 2 - Wednesday
May 29

Core Program

09:00 - 10:00 AM

Plenary: Financing Winners
A moderated dialogue with investors from around the world on innovative financing schemes for new ventures and why they succeed.

- Dr. Iqbal Surve, Chairman Sekunjalo Group
- Ms. Barbara James, Founder and CEO of Henshaw Capital Partners
- Moderator: Janamitra Devan, Vice President, World Bank

10:30 AM - Parallel Sessions

Stream A

Maximizing Mobile: Making the mobile revolution reach everyone
Innovative mobile solutions are being developed by and for those who live at the ‘base of the pyramid’. This session will explore how business models are emerging for this vibrant market, and explore where good practice can be found and scaled. It will also engage in a dialogue on the mobile applications space more generally, to see what the future of the App Economy in the developing world is shaping up to be.

Download Presentations

- Mobile Zone Photo Reel -

- AppCampus Launch -
- Gorge Voulgaris -

- Alison Gillwald -

- Rapelang Rabana -

Stream B

No risk, no gain: Models for Innovation Financing
The session will engage angel investors and seed funders on what they look for in deals, what makes a great pitch presentation; and it will explore how well new phenomena such as crowd-funding and micro-equity work in developing countries.

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Stream C

The Incubation Lab: Exploring What Works in Business Incubation
At the session, practitioners will explore what can be learned from successful and not so successful incubation efforts around the world; and discuss new models for business incubation, including acceleration and virtual incubation.

Download Presentations

- Steve Giddings -

- Michael Szymanski -
- Murat Aktihanoglu -
- Susan Amat -

- Dang My Chau -
- Mara Foundation -

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4:30 PM
Accelerator Track for Entrepreneurs

Dragon’s Den (continued) for high-potential entrepreneurs to meet mentors, investors and angels

Download Presentations

- Afroes -
- Innokiq (mPawa) -
- Khaya Power -
- Kuza -
- MicroForester -
- Mobiflock -
- Qabila -
- SliceBiz -
- Transcel -
- Tugo Builds -

Day 3 -
May 30

Core Program
09:00 - 09:50 AM

Plenary: The paradigm of inclusive innovation
Two keynote speakers will share their insights on how transformative innovation is changing lives in developing countries around the world, focusing on the opportunities and challenges that mobile technologies provide entrepreneurs developing inclusive business.

- Mr. Erik Hersman, Founder Ushahidi and iHub -
- Mr. Marlon Parker, Founder rLabs -

10:15 AM - Parallel Sessions

Stream D

Green and Profitable: Innovation for Green Growth

The session will explore how climate related technologies are creating lucrative new business opportunities in developing countries, including in areas such as clean energy and climate-smart agribusiness; and engage in dialogue on what “green growth” really means for developing countries.

Download Presentations

- Carbon Trust -
- Climate innovation Center Ethiopia -
- Inclusive Green Growth -
- infoDev Agribusiness -
- infoDev Climate Technology -
- Kenya CIC -
- Khaya Power -
- Up Energy -

Stream E

The African Women Entrepreneurs Roundtable
Successful and soon to be successful top women entrepreneurs from the continent will share stories on how to succeed in business, the trusted social networks they have had to develop and how a mentors networks can grow the next generation of high growth, women led enterprises. Women entrepreneurs from other parts of the world may also be invited to participate and share strategies.

Download Presentations

- Binta Coudy De -
- Racquel Goddard -

Stream F

Innovation ecosystems and the right policies
This session will explore the relative roles the public and private sectors play in facilitating innovation, innovative enterprises and a productive economy.

Download Presentations

- Jeanette Morwane -
- Kimmo Halme -

- Jarmo Eskelinen -
- Ngozi Bell -
- Simphiwe Dzengwa -

- Alina Ivone -
- Carlos Marques -
- Nitin Gachhayat -

- George Mulamula -
- Josh Goldstein -
- Paco Medina -

03:45 PM

Closing Ceremony
4:00 PM Awards ceremony for top entrepreneurs at Closing Ceremony
Farewell Reception

Friday - 31 May
Site visits - Optional

Site Visits in South Africa
  • High tech companies
  • Accelerators, incubators
  • Technology hubs / innovation centers


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